wearing: striped crop top from Nasty Gal , black skirt from asos, beanie from asos, leather jacket c/o Sheinside, shoes c/o Market HQ, bag from H&M. Photos by me, Beat and Bryant. 

Elvis-themed outfit and staring passerbys aside, Bryant, Beat and I headed to the Steve Madden event at Central Central the other night, hosted by the lovely Christing of Fashion Hedonism. Of course we had to have an extended prep time of 1 hour (spent at a very cool hole-in-the-wall mexican food restaurant that made me overuse the word ‘happenin’ too often) plus ice cream afterwards. I opted for my new beanie (which i believe exemplifies my over-excited personality and fits my ability to use the word ‘awesome’ far too often), some striped off-the-shoulder goodness and sneaker wedge height. The event was super bubbly in anticipation for spring, involving lots of amazon-esque models skipping and twirling in sky high pumps (and me gawking because i thought that ‘skipping’ and ‘7 inch heels’ were not used in the same sentence prior to the event). It was lovely meeting up with some bloggers (including the funniest Jackaline)and we finished off the night with some oreo/chocolate chip goodness at Holly Brown. The weather in HK has been so drab lately, the event makes me crave spring all the more (even though knowing Hong Kong, we’ll skip straight into summer). 
Good night everyone!

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  1. LOVE your blog, maybe you can do a post to share about your make up or skin care product + routine?
    I'd really love to know about it, your skin looks flawless :)

    fan from Malaysia

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