wearing: skirt and belt c/o beginning boutique, parka c/o sugarlips apparel, cardigan (inside) from american apparel, shoes from converse, glasses from taobao.
It’s still a bit warm here to be wearing this, (resulting in strange stares from neighborhood morning walkers and dog owners) but i really couldn’t wait to start layering. I feel like summer equals an inevitable down-season for blogging when you’re incapable of wearing anything more than a tank top and shorts, so fall is a little too exciting for me. My dad took these photos for me and i discovered a few new spots to shoot, save the occasional awkward judging glances of the physically motivated elderly and dog-owning community. Anyway, i just can’t wait for days when wearing a beanie does not induce confused glances and tights can actually be layered with socks (plus the ever-looming glory that is christmas).
have a great day guys!

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