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I was really stupid and deleted this post by accident so yeah now you guys know the real me is super clumsy (please pretend this is some in-depth paragraph about my month….LOTR….winter ball dress…blah blah) enjoy the playlist!


  1. I super love your pictures, as well as your blog as a whole. You inspire me to get started on posting personal style photos on my blog like I've wanted to for a long time now :)

  2. You look so pretty!! Btw i found trough you and now i'm obsessed with its iphone app:D I love your mixes!

    xx Marianne

  3. One of my favorite kind of posts! <3 I love the first picture and the way you draw. Keep up with your job!;)

    Have a nice day,

  4. I am really at awe from looking at your drawings, they're so amazing! Can't wait to see more from your shoot with Natalie :]

  5. you have the coolest instagram. people who follow me/folks at my school just wouldn't appreciate stuff like that. as in artsy stuff. haha sometimes i just can't wait to get out. great blog xx

    The Chic Banner

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