Merry Christmas guys! Forgive me for not posting for what feels like ages (a week). Last Thursday my family packed our bags for a short, much needed trip to Bali, which ended up consisting of nothing more than lounging at the pool, watching star world and eating a lot of chicken satay, and i ended up enjoying every second of it. Though it rained for the most of the four days we were there, it was amazing to have a little sun light and salt water in my hair. Sorry for neglecting my DSLR and the absence of a video diary- i wanted to spend as much time with family as possible. Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy these photos and i will post whatever alright-looking ones from my camera on my instagram if they turn out nice. Read until the end for a special message, and if you’d like to follow me on instagram my username is zosuen
1. ‘Packing light’ but not really. Actually a very simplified version of what i packed, consisting of my Kara backpack, Silver glitter hobes, Karen Walker sunglasses and Alexa Chung’s ‘It’. 2. Flower petals scattered on the shore on our first morning in Bali. 3. Sun and salt at the beach, wearing a cap from Square Street and bikini c/o Triangl Swimwear
4. Inside my favorite shop in Seminyak, in sandals from Choies. Wish i could bring all these cushions home! 
5. My dinner outfit on the first night- top c/o Initial, shorts c/o Market HQ, and my Hobes. 6. My henna and coffees at Anomali Coffee, a lovely spot for breakfast and drinks in Seminyak. 
7. The ethereal driveway at W Hotel (meaning i was holding up traffic- hehe). Wearing a tank c/o American Apparel and Kara backpack. 
8/9. My favorite coffee shop in Seminyak tucked behind two stores, named Revolved Espresso. If you see a Hong Kong coin tucked into the glass at one of the tables that’s from me! 10. Me and the wooden duck i bought having a laugh at Revolver. Never knew buying this would get me multiple quacks on the street- not complaining. 
11. Beautiful (and expensive) patterned accessories. 12. A photo from the first day at the beach- typical of me to never be able to keep my eyes even moderately open. 
13. A gloomier beach day in a romper from a Balinese boutique and my KWs. 

Bali instagrams aside, I realized i rarely have an opportunity to thank you guys for your support, and Christmas wouldn’t be a bad time to do so. I’m so grateful for the love you’ve shown me in the past year- your tweets, instagram comments (yes, i read those), emails and facebook messages mean so much to me even if i rarely have a chance to reply. Blogging is slightly thwarted thanks to my school schedule but i promise in the coming year i’ll make it up to you guys! I hope you all have the best holiday season and get so spend lots of time with your family. Lots of posts up ahead!
P.S. I’m giving away a red grafea backpack on my instagram- the same model as my white and olive green ones that i use all the time! Enter here if you’d like. 
Much love,

33 thoughts on “Insta-Bali

  1. i really like this blog post..every word of it..the coin.. the duck…the thing about salt in your hair and the little bits of sunshine…ahhh…i savor such words..

  2. So beautiful photos! I'd like to go to somewhere warm too. :)

    I've read your blog for a year now and i still love it so much! Your style and photos are really inspiring me. <3

    Picture Me

  3. i used to live in bali for a year when i was a kid(that i couldn't remember any) and visit several times on holidays, but never found those cute stores you went to! i'll deffinitally visit the next time i go there.
    merry christmas to you too zoe!

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