I’m back!

Honey I’m home! Currently resisting every urge to scratch my 43 (and counting) mosquito bites, courtesy of Thailand, and also the urge to look through my phone gallery and fall back into a bout of Graduation trip withdrawals. The past months have been a blur, and i can now safely say i am settled in summer mode, a mode that is for yours truly defined by wonky sleep schedules (because you have to watch the new Game of Thrones episode regardless of having just hopped off a plane), a full second skin of sweat every time one steps out of the embrace of air conditioning, and the bittersweet explorations of my very very humid home knowing that in less than three months my butt will be on a plane, arriving in Heathrow Airport- a new climate and a new home. Sentimentalities aside, i’ve missed sharing tidbits of my not-as-eventful-as-it-seems life, and that resumes as of now. This outfit was inspired by my funky new headphones thanks to H&M’s new H&M Loves Music campaign- you can win your own and mix songs on their site here. Oh, and i bought a new film camera and will share photos from my grad trip very soon!! 

I’m wearing a KARA store backpack, marketHQ crop top, Asos leather skirt, Sam Edelman sandals c/o Lane Crawford and H&M x Skullcandy headphones. Photos and editing by Bryant Lee


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