I.T. show

Some photos from Tuesday night’s I.T. show with BryantCindie and Emily. Opted for that visually depressed painter look (a term i dubbed whilst trying to explain my outfit to my parents; in re ‘you kind of look like a classy emo french dude’). Trying to redeem my lack of posts in bokeh- is it working? Probably not. Was exposed to a myriad of runway looks only explainable with this photo (only time i will link a meme but don’t say i didn’t warn you) but managed to steal some snaps from Bryant get some snaps of some highlights. 
Also i would love it if you all could sign my friend’s petition to close down the world’s cruellest zoo. It’s so saddening to see how animals are treated in this place and i would love it if you all could take action and spread the word. Pretty please?
wearing: beret c/o American Apparel, sweater from Aland, waistcoat from choies, easy jeans c/o American Apparel, boots from Asos, bag from KARA. Photos by Bryant and I. 

Heading to another show tonight, can’t wait to show you guys more! 

28 thoughts on “I.T. show

  1. That show looks so awesome. I bet it was even more visually jarring that in these photos. Love the exaggeration of certain elements of the clothing. And of course you look wonderful as well as the gang! That peek-a-boo of pinstripe is my favorite detail of your photos.


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