wearing: dress courtesy of Beginning Boutique, jacket courtesy of Sheinside (here), shoes from ASOS.

I am so obsessed with this jacket. It fits like a glove and is super comfy, it’s basically the perfect leather jacket and i just had my eye on a more expensive version from nastygal when i found this baby for less and the folks over at sheinside decided to gift me one. If you like it, check it out since they’re shipping free worldwide right now! The dress is also super sweet and i love the heart-shaped cutout at the back, even though it was super cold today. I wasn’t going to take pictures today because it was raining, but it stopped for a bit and i decided to brave the icky weather for the sake of blogging. I actually altered this dress a little around the ribs and bottom (a little too much at the bottom…haha) so it fits nicely now (i got a size S), in case any of you feel like ordering anything :)

anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone! tell me what you want to see in the next posts in the comments below; playlist, video, etc.


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38 thoughts on “I HEART YOU//

  1. The heart shape at the back of your dress is just so pretty! I love how you combined the dress and leather jacket till it become a mix of girly and boyish! <3 this outfit very much :)

  2. I love love love your side braid! Love how you mixed the outfit, too! :)

    Videos and playlist, please!


  3. this is an amazing look!

    the dress is so sweet and cute with the heart-shaped cut out….i really like how you toughened it up a little with the jacket!
    your hat adds a nice little touch to everything :)

    in your next post, i would love to see another video or more of your artwork!


  4. The jacket looks absolutely incredible on you, really :-) Hmm i would love more videos of you in your next following posts! just you doing random stuff, walking to school, hanging with your pals, talking about the latest book you've read, anything that's chill and stuff :-)

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