wearing: blazer c/o glamorous, jeans and muscle tee c/o Market HQ, boots c/o choies (here), belt from H&M. Photos by me and Beat/Bryant

I don’t usually bring my camera to the #HongKongFashionBloggers monthly Style Summits, but when i do i use up all my battery before the event (allowing for maybe one photo of very attractive people). And i swear i didn’t write that as a reference to any memes, as now you are probably semi-accurately imagining me as one of those people who snort at every lame joke on tumblr (in our defense, people come up with uncannily relatable posts nowadays, resulting in me laughing at my screen by myself at strange hours). My new boots from choies have been seriously overworked within the first week of receiving them (allegory for my workload this school year? i think so), as have these black jeans that are the perfect length for any shoes.
These two weeks i’ve realized i’ve been wearing the same 2 pairs of black pants (jeans and jeggings) for the most part of my school outfits, so this is my sincere (albeit online) apology to anyone who goes to my school and is tired of seeing me in black bottoms- if anyone really cares at all.) Back to the style summit, i met too many lovely people that night and was super exhausted at the end of it (which turned out being 9 o’clock but it’s hard socializing ok). I extend a ‘shalom’ to anyone who i was awkward around (a sadly large number but it’s been 16 years and is only getting worse), nice meeting you all if you’re reading this!
Have a good night/day guys, love you all.

P.S. If you guys are wondering why i’m eating ice cream at night in the winter before a fashion event, it involved a sneaky last-minute endeavor into Lan Kwai Fong on this particularly chilly Wednesday night to use up one of my old (almost-expiring) coupons. Very rebellious i know. 

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