wearing: sweater, jacket and shorts c/o choies, creepers c/o sheinside, sunglasses c/o Beginning Boutique

I was one of those people who thought Jeremy Scott’s Bart Simpson knit ensembles were semi-ridiculous until i saw them on Cara Delevingne (seeing clothes on models puts things in perspective….insightful thought Zoe). So when a similar (albeit containing a less-realistic portrayal of Bart’s face) sweater comes out online via. the phenomenon we call ‘fast fashion’, a Cara/Scott fan like myself will not hesitate to click ‘add to cart’. But Cara (being Cara, of course) can pull of even the most unbecoming things so really the effectiveness of the purchase is up to the internet to decide (vicious cycle? i think so). Only half-kidding though, because i’m a clothes/book/everything hoarder, my keep/throw priorities are pretty messed up, making this blog post a sufficient call of help. For evidence, see my desk which currently only has an 11 inch rectangle of free space- conveniently the size of my laptop. 
Anyways, have a great night guys! Treasure the last days of 2012, because we all know the awkward induction period to the new year (January through March in my case) when we’ll have to add a little curly tail to our ‘2012’s’ to make the ‘2’ a ‘3’. Or maybe that’s just me. 

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