wearing topshop cami, oneteaspoon jeans, converse/zara heels. Photos by Natalie Chyi
I’m hopeless at walking in heels, which explains the erratic photo-to-photo shoe changes. The real summer heat is gone and in its place is humidity, so naturally i’m looking forward to the few days of ‘fall’ which we have here when you can walk around for a bit and not drown in your sweat. Flashback to when we took these photos and everything felt sticky and yes, Bryant was wearing a leather jacket, slacks and a hat- pretty sure he’s our more evolved kin.
What are you guys doing in the last days of summer?

60 thoughts on “HEAT WAVE

  1. I just got back from Reading Festival so I'm just relaxing for the last few days of summer before school starts in 8 days.


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