wearing: tee c/o o-mighty, jeans c/o Motel Rocks, socks from Topshop (thanks Yan!), beanie from H&M, shoes from converse. 

And here’s my second v-day look, slightly less traditionally romantic. I’m not usually one for graphic tees (or swearing for that matter) but this one was a bit too cute for me to pass up. I just placed an huge order for pizza (and a few sneaky treats, it is a holiday) and am about to start a movie marathon with my sister. Do you guys have any recommendations that i must watch? Hope you all have/had an amazing (albeit romantic or not) day! 
Eat tons of chocolate and listen to some v-day tunes i put together if you’d like: 

50 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY #2

  1. I love this outfit. It looks so cool, the shirt is just great ♥
    Enjoy your movie marathon! :D I'll spend the day watching Fringe and studying statistics, so romantic.

  2. One of my favorite outfit of yours! I love everything about it. Oh shit Zo, I think you stole my heart (*cheeseballs*) ;) Happy Valentines Day! xx


  3. wooo I went to Lookbook and i see wery pretty girl. I had to go quickly to your blog <3 You will be my inspiration for my blog. I'm sorry for the mistakes but I do not know a great English.
    Oliwia :)

  4. Oh shit.. xD haha, i need this T-Shirt, would match my perception of Valentines perfectly!

    Have a nice weekend,

  5. Happy belated Valentine's Zoe!
    You are such a cutie. Even though I'm not typically one to swear myself, I have to admit that I absolutely adore that t-shirt! It kind of represents everything I'm feeling right about now and is probably what lots of guys were thinking the night before Valentine's day heehee :)

    The black, white, and pink of the tee looks nice paired with the black and white striped jeans. I like that everything is black and white overall but the pink heart adds a nice feminine touch. I really must say that you rock those jeans though girl…your legs look miles long!
    And of course, how could I forget about the beanie and the socks? Your beanie adds just the right amount of “Psshhh I don't care about Valentine's day” kind of vibe that contributes to the dgaf attitude of the shirt while your socks are plain fun. Good stuff as always!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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