Hang time

A dummy’s guide on how to sloth.

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Met Wiktor through Agata and we had a little shoot over the weekend. It’s refreshing to meet people from different places and bond over little things like movies and creative frustrations. Have you guys seen any of the new movies? Or recommendations for old ones? I recently joined Letterboxd so if you’re on that, my username is zoesuen.  Still working on that playlist post, so tell me your favourite songs as well and I’ll give everything a listen.

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Photos by Wiktor Malinowski.

Wearing pants by JH Zane, Dear Frances boots.


9 thoughts on “Hang time

  1. YOU JOINED LETTERBOXD DJDJDJ so happy! just followed you, mine is tanaditya :D the last movie i watched in cinema is an indonesian one so i cannot give rec on that. but do check on black panther when it came out! i absolutely recommend sully, the fall, and 20th century women x

  2. As for movies, I recommend black panther! I don’t usually jump on the hype train when movies come out, but Black Panther was great. For music, I’ve been loving this song called Streetcar by Daniel Caesar.

  3. Love the boots! I’ve been wearing one pair of boots throughout this ‘winter’ season (as winter as it gets in LA), but it’s about time for spring and I’ll eventually have to trade them in for open shoes to fit the warmer weather. A bummer. I wish I could wear boots all year long. Anyways, love the outfit.

  4. Listen to 11:11 (my favorite is Good Love.) As for movies, if you haven’t seen Call Me By Your Name pls do! So pretty

  5. In terms of music recommendations, I’d recommend Dean – what2do and Dante’s creek (Korean singer), Tia Ray ft. Kehlani- Just My Luck (Chinese singer) and RM – Seoul or forever rain (korean rapper from group BTS). Looking forward to your playlist!

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