Recently i’ve been getting questions about my hair. Just to answer a few, i don’t straighten or dye my hair, and it’s a pretty thick texture. A product i’ve been using to tame it (though people on Youtube have been raving about this for the longest time) is Moroccan oil. I just take a drop of it and distribute it to the ends of my hair, and it totally changed the texture, making my hair a lot smoother. I totally recommend it!
If you guys have any more hair-related questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment; i’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!
by the way, the winner of the ROMWE collar giveaway is Amanda Ling! Congrats, you will be contacted shortly. Thanks so much to the other 260 readers who entered, don’t worry about not winning this time around because i will be posting another exciting giveaway this week! stay tuned ( : 


  1. i saw your self-distressed denim shorts, and it looks cool!
    it would be great if you could make a tutorial video on how to distress the shorts:)

  2. Oo! I've heard of Moroccan Oil before last summer but I never really got around to trying it. Maybe this time I will! :D Thanks for the advice since my hair is like Miley Cyrus, it can't be frikin tamed.

  3. Thank you so much! I just received the email and I went CRAZY cause I've never thought I'd win <3
    I love your blog btw! OMG I'm so happy that I feel so numb right now.

  4. Hey Zoe! Can I ask what is the weather like in Hong Kong during June?
    Or what is the season like? Thank you so much!

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