wearing: floral robe c/o shopakira (here), shorts from zara (self distressed), tank top c/o American Apparel, hat from Nastygal, vintage sunglasses, creepers c/o Sheinside (here)
went a little cray cray with the hippsy (hippe+gypsy) vibe today. The floral robe is probably going to be a home garment/swimsuit cover-up, but it’s so pretty and makes me feel like some oracle cat lady (in a good way). The creepers add more than 2 inches to my height which is always fun, so i love stomping around and getting weird looks in them. Now i’m off to prepare for another busy week of school. Happy sunday everyone!

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31 thoughts on “GYPSY//

  1. this is adorable zoe! when i was choosing from akira i almost chose the same robe! :) it looks great on you, and i love the new styles you've been trying out recently! i think you should definitely wear it out :)

  2. Ahh, I hate creepers! What is amazing in this shoes?!
    But I can not look at it, and your stylization is preety!

  3. Omg,I Luv ur shoes! Wait….you don't care what people think either? That's so cool 'cause I don't care what people think either.

  4. I've read your blog and its beyond cool. I'm new at blogging and you're totally an inspiration. :)

    please check me out and follow back too :)

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