Took these photos on my film camera because a)  My sister was packing the DSLR away for her trip to the UK b) I was too lazy. Like everyone and their mother i’m quite liking the matchy-set thing, which aside from the print also allows me to dress moderately lady-like without giving much thought or effort. In other words, I’ve discovered that my personal endeavours commonly orbit around my desire to be very lazy- picture the solar system with laziness as a very big, very hot Sun. At the beginning of the week my dad made me go to the gym with him (hold on, it gets better) and after two days of running and pulling on metal stuff, my legs have turned to jelly and I now walk with the speed of a grandma at leisure. Might go back (might not) but i think it’s time for a lifelong hiatus. And the braids= intense third grade flashbacks and alien vibes in a good way, for me anyway.

Wearing: matching set c/o AKA clothing, photos by Cheryl and Steph.


55 thoughts on “Graffiti

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