I’m wearing: top from Romwe, pants c/o Market HQ, necklace from Yan, backpack c/o Grafea. Photos by me and Bryant
Last Friday i had dinner with Bry to celebrate a very belated 17th birthday. In between demolishing our  ahem 4 plates of food plus 2 desserts each (just to put aside comments as we did not share a salad between us as that would give us absolutely no time to talk), we talked about everything from personal weather-perspiration ratios (the guy doesn’t sweat) to the scarcity of polaroid-worthy red brick walls in Hong Kong. Oh, and i really need to wear more color as i can slowly see my closet turning into an all-too organized (yes i said it) mess (hah) of blues, whites and blacks. 
Oh, and as we leave the restaurant Bryant says to me, “every time i see you you’re wearing your converse.” I really need to start wearing footwear sans-laces asap because i’m starting to develop a sneaker problem. 
Happy Monday everyone! 

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