wearing: earcuff from sheinside, shirt and pants c/o The Editor’s Market, boots from AsosPhotos by Natalie

Lesson learnt: fumbling and putting one’s ear cuff on and off results in a very red ear, not very elven at all. Posing horizontally on the sand -or anything, pretty much- is not really my forté (see exhibit A) but what is really? I never really found myself at home on the beach anyway, i was always getting sand in my butt, overdosing on kid’s coconut sunscreen and swallowing too much salt water. But childhood trauma aside, let’s just take a second to mull over the sheer awesomeness of this top. It weighs a ton, but is so worth it (next to having honey stars on your top…how cool would that be?)

53 thoughts on “GOLD RUSH

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