wearing: jacket c/o sheinside topshop t-shirt, H&M skirt, lipstick c/o limecrime (blotted)
This is one of those ‘experiment outfits’ where i post something i would normally never wear. This is just too much black in general, something that i would find too ‘intense’ for daily wear. But since it’s spring(ish), i figured it’s my last chance to wear anything relatively dark and decided to do an outfit post on it anyway. This is officially my ‘good bye’ post to all of the dark items in my closet (or at least the prospect of wearing them together). You guys are probably wondering why i would post something i wouldn’t actually wear…well, why not? So there…that’s my explanation.

Anyway, this is your last chance to enter my collar (+ $80) giveaway with Romwe since i’m closing it tomorrow! click here to enter.

oh, and thanks so much to those of you who have given me recommendations for shopping/eating when i head to Singapore on the 28th with my mother and sister. If you have any, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments! you guys are amazing. 

Happy thursday everyone! Right now i’m praying to the rain gods that there’s a serious thunderstorm tomorrow so we don’t have to go to school ( : 

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