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I feel like it’s been so long since i last posted anything directly runway-related, but i couldn’t resist showing you guys my latest runway inspiration. All season i’ve been taking cues from this Givenchy SS 12 runway show from the crisp colors, contrasting textures and silhouettes. Even the shoes/hair and makeup are perfect. I can’t get enough and am already craving everything clean-looking for back to school (eek!) and i mean, just look at that shark tooth necklace on Miss Watson!

10 thoughts on “GIVENCHY SS 12

  1. Thanks for sharing this runway inspiration with us Zoe!

    The sleek minimalism and blankness of these pieces is amazing. White and silver are two of my favorite colors so I definitely wish that I had more opportunities to wear them together (without risking stains!).
    You're right, even the hair, shoes, and makeup are amazing. The sexy slight messiness of the hair provides a really nice contrast with the perfection and simplicity of the outfits. Gorgeous!

    That shark tooth necklace is insane. I actually saw it on Denise from superwowomg the other day and thought it was so cool!
    You should definitely go see how she styled it :)

    Yuck school is starting again (in about a month for me). I'm not looking forward to that but I'm definitely going to look forward to trying to recreate a look somewhat like all these Givenchy looks!

    Have a nice day Zoe!


  2. I really like this collection but the hair and make up is the stand out for me. That is literally how I try to get my hair everyday ( and everyday I fail). I just wish I had a professional hair stylist to do it for me.

    I also love the black dress with the slight mullet style as a crave anything mullet at the moment.

  3. The colours are so pretty! Really quite but beautiful! The under eye makeup is cool too! Not sure if I would rock that but who knows, in the future it might become a hit! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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