wearing: top from taipei, shorts c/o Minkpink via  MarketHQ, watch from casio, shoes c/o Romwe, leather jacket c/o Motel Rocks. Photos by Josephine.

Believe it or not, it took me the longest time to climb onto that ledge- Josephine can testify for that with video evidence of me in Bear Grylls- esque combat, batting leaves from my path and ripping the back of my tights in the process. I’m not exactly an outdoors person but living in an area abundant with mosquitoes in the summer time, i can safely say i’ve grown accustomed to defending myself against the ‘greater’ creatures in nature. However, I’ve had the experience of coming across the biggest snake whilst on a run with a friend and upon discovering it, screaming and running back as fast as possible. Despite my evidently abundant nature-skills, the funniest scenario is when i see people when i shoot. During the course of this shoot we had to make way for herds of students walking home and i’m pretty sure a few of them were holding hands in gripping fear of…me?
I’m not scary i promise.

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