Fukuoka Video Diary

Incessant unsatisfied midnight editing sessions later, I am finally (provisionally) content with the clips i put together from our Japan trip over the holidays. I tried my best to encompass the ambience perfectly executed by artists like Murakami and Miyazaki…a kind of feeling that Japan alone allows its dwellers and the calmness that draws me to visit again and again (that and the sushi….sushi is important.) It’s the kind of place that challenges the cliché idea of travel escapism…busy streets have never afforded me the same sense of calm, and/or smelled so richly of appetite igniting ramen broth. But at the same time i don’t remember enjoying a car ride as much as the few hours we took between hot spring retreats, or starting to be (minutely) ok with said retreats’ ‘wifi in lobby only’ policies- sometimes you need only sit in a rock pool of hot water and let your phone run out of battery to not feel tired (being constantly fatigued is a very tiring job). I’ll stop now and let the video speak for itself…and maybe take up my friend’s suggestion of going to Nandos for lunch, even though i’ll be pretending it is sashimi.


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