wearing: dress and vest from One Teaspoon, cardigan from T by Alexander Wang, boots from Asos (here). lace bralette from Hanky Panky c/o Shopbop (here). Photos by Natalie

After the creation of this blog which feels like a bit longer than forever (in a way having a blog unexpectedly distorts your sense of time if you mess up posting queues like me), i’ve gotten a myriad of questions all funneling down to the same question; “How would you describe your style”. And i’ve finally come to the terms that after answering ‘multi-faceted’ to just about any interview that i don’t really know. And i know that i make that sound like a bad thing, but it isn’t and i’ve realized blogging is the most fun when i get to try out styles i wouldn’t normally, as seen above when i went into a psycho-asian-gypsie-witch phase. And i hope that statement (underlined for emphasis of my likeness for underlining things…and emphasis i guess in general) helps you understand that this blog has evolved into less into a 2D documentary clickable wall and more of an experimentational musicartfashion random thing which i really enjoy and hope you do too.

Oh, and don’t get startled by the strange psuedo-seriousness of this text, this week of madness at school is messing with me and i’m unable to attempt witty comments about the shoot/location/outfit/weather (insert sincere apology about not posting frequently but you guys get that too often…really sorry.) IB is starting to get to me in the way algae grows on rocks and makes them slippery and uncool to step on. (And now you pretend you didn’t read that sentance). I’m just going to shut myself up in what will probably be the longest text post ever and say i hope you like the outfit! Now i’m going to prep myself for the weekend with some LOTR marathon action and cookie dough ice cream, have a good night!

P..S. After posting my last outfit i’ve received a substantial amount of comments questioning my knowledge that currently most of the world is experiencing a natural phenomenon called ‘winter’. My answer to that is that i’m pretty weather confused but only to a certain extent, as these photos were taken weeks ago when Hong Kong was still dwindling between the 30’s and 20’s, so i’m just putting that out there for those who were starting to question my sanity in wearing sleeveless dresses in the winter (i was starting to do so myself).

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41 thoughts on “FRIEND OF MINE

  1. Thank God you cleared that up. I was really worried about how weather really is in Hong Kong xD
    You're right. Blogging definitely makes you try different things and widen up your horizon. Even though I'm not a fashion blogger I'm aware of the influence that the fashion blogs I read have on me. I admire people who have their own style, even though they can't describe it. It's a great inspiration.

    Good luck with school and hopefully you'll have a great weekend ;),

  2. Beautiful photos and I totally get what you mean about 'I don't know' what my style is. As a fashion blog evolves so does your dress sense and it ends up being this whole mish mash of different styles.
    Oh well… at least I came up with a slightly cohesive answer… 'a mish mash of everything'.

  3. Haha, it's actually only the northern hemisphere that's in winter – we're in the middle of summer! But nobody questions why I am in shorts and a tshirt, probably because they can see the evidence of sun in my over-exposed pictures.

  4. I loveeeeee this! It's more ermm I don't know how to describe it really. Vulnerable? Something like that. ANyways, I loveeeeee it! :)

  5. Hi!!! Amazing look:) The cardigan is beautiful!!! Cool photos, I really like your blog:) I invite you to my blog:) I greet:)

  6. You are so beautiful <3 I particularly love the butterfly detailing on the cardigan!


  7. great post !i feel you on the whole having a blog being awesome but at the same time
    messing with our schedule.
    i hope i can get the courage to finally take outfit pics aha i just find it to be so awkward.
    great outfit though btw i really like the whole vibe of it !

  8. This is such a gorgeous dress. I agree that not having a particular style is great because you can experiment with lots of different clothes and people don't question it.

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