1. leather biker jackets (and Cara, but hey)

2. tough-girl boots; think docs+spikes+cutouts.

3. Print play

4. diptyque candles (perfect for cold days)

5. oversized overalls that are overpriced everywhere (see what i did there?)

6. Camo Jackets

7. 90’s turtlenecks (think cropped, sleeveless, striped…)

8. drop waists and converse

9. sporty elements (yes, trackpants are acceptable now- finally.)

10. old 90’s movies

11. if all else fails, just dress like Rumi. 
hope you all had an amazing weekend! All images from tumblr

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16 thoughts on “FALL ESSENTIALS

  1. Omg I agree with all these pieces!! I love them all and certainly need to make investments in all of them (even if fall is over in Aus)

  2. Nearly all of these things are on my autumn wishlist!!

    You should check out my blog-

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