F R I D A//

let me introduce you guys to my favorite model: Ms. Frida Gustavsson from Sweden. she has the most amazing street style in my opinion, as well as being super beautiful with an amazing runway walk. and she’s only 3 years older than me!
tell me if you guys like these model features :)
pictures via tumblr

8 thoughts on “F R I D A//

  1. wow all these looks are aboslutely stunning.
    great street style photos! love stockholm street style. its the best.

    i'm following you! love your blog :)


  2. aw yes yes, keep posting stuff like this!! and you can post about anything ; your music taste, movie taste, favourite books etc, we'd all love it i'm sure :-D

  3. Hey Zoe! I just went through your outfit posts and you're so pretty! Plus,your style = reallyyy cool (:
    Oh,and I also saw your videos and I have a question. You seem to have an American accent. Is it because you've lived in the States before or just because you like speaking in the American accent? Haha.
    Anywhoo,keep up the great work!:D

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