Got a lil funky with some scanned flowers and haven’t been able to deviate from a summer uniform of boyfriend jeans and tanks. In other news, I think shooting at home all the time is only making me lazier and better at making excuses not to go outside. I mean, who needs to shoot outside when you can get some plants and scan them so you can pretend you only leave the house for noodles? And who needs bras or university or studying or anything that people think are necessary once summer ends? I don’t know why I always ask you guys questions on here as I don’t really know who I expect to answer/ finally tell me to shut up.


Photos by my sister. 

31 thoughts on “Easy

  1. I definitely agree with the whole is it necessary to go back to university thing. I'm going back for my last year and all I want to do is take off time and travel more even through I just studied abroad last semester.


  2. I love how you're always so creative!
    I'm too lazy to ever shoot outside, so I just shoot at home as well ^^'' The only thing that's worth going outside for is pizza.

    x Alona | Gentle Confusion

  3. You don't need to go anywhere, just stay home! Haha. Be comfy and make memories with people who matter…and go places that matter. imo.

    from likkie —

  4. Gorge!!! I recently added petals to my outfit photos – but – they were png images I found on google. Brilliant that you actually scanned these. I would love to know how! Joelyne Xo

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