wearing: top from Sheinside, shorts from zara (old), blazer from NastyGal, boots from Choies, bag handed down from my mum. Photos by me, steph and agnes. 
jpeg diarrhea from yesterday night; think boba tea, korean bbq and last minute arcade meandering. And realizations that girl talk whilst overdosing on kimchi and korean spinach are perfect cures for any almost-holiday funks and post-LNAT practice test anxiety. I’ve been in the worst mood for the latter half of this week and this was the perfect antidote, regardless of the food baby (and today’s food coma) and the beautiful BBQ smell that linger in your hair clothes and everything. Right now i’m just counting down the days until the holiday starts, whilst savoring the last weeks of my penultimate year of being a highschooler (still getting over the fact that the year went straight from january to june). On a side note, i’ve done a lot of shoots these two weeks so stay tuned for those! 

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  1. i can't believe how great you are juggling school and blogging and social life ahh, i'm sure you're did great on your exam, i love your outfit and weekend and photos and everything ah you're so great; i hope someday i can be like you

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