Down the Line

Wearing: Easy jeans and knit c/o American Apparel, leather jacket c/o Missguided, bag c/o Wayuu Tribe, shoes c/o Mac Moc. Photos by Alisha. 
Decided i miss bokeh-filled night shots and went for it. I’ll never get tired of seeing tangles of neon signs and street lights in the quintessential Hong Kong night imagery- nothing else epitomizes home in the same way. This outfit illustrates my attempt to deviate from the usual black leather shoulder bag- gold stars for trying? In all seriousness this bag is great for people (like me) who would like to ease into the bohemian free people-esque wardrobe without cannon-balling right in- take it as an awkward pool slide that is woven with two strands of thread (!?) and can hold all my necessities, DSLR included. Also this jacket from Missguided’s new Peace and Love line is the perfect love child of all things i thought i wanted in a leather jacket- warmth, texture, boxiness, cool zipper and buckle you’re never going to do up because it looks cooler undone (etc.) And under it all is my usual daytime outfit consisting of a quintessential knit – which i am cautiously avoiding getting dirty – and high waisted food-baby enduring stretch denim. 
Now i’m going to knit and watch Friends go to, like, be sociable or something. 

37 thoughts on “Down the Line

  1. Love the leather jacket! this shoot looks so cool with the neon lights in the background!typical HK night scenery!

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