Don’t dance and tell

wearing: top c/o American Apparel, backpack c/o o-mighty, beanie from Carhartt via Asos (here), jeans c/o American Apparel, boots from Asos, Casio watch. Photos by Natalie Chyi

Let’s please pretend this top doesn’t look like nacho chips close-up because it’s making me hungry (it doesn’t help that these photos are taken in front of a ramen store and the beanie shape is reminiscent of a squid…overactive imagination). The yellow is a result of me trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, though i still manage to choose textures and prints that remind me of food- by the way i had my last meal less than an hour ago for those of you that are questioning my eating habits. Currently desperately guessing neighbor’s wifi passwords because mine is all wonky…pet names? last names? phone numbers? (if you live above me i apologize as you probably already think i’m really weird). helppppp.

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50 thoughts on “Don’t dance and tell

  1. Cute top! And the colour really does remind me of nacho chips or maybe cheese. LOL. Also trying to incorporate some colour into my wardrobe because it's slowly turning into a black and white one. I try, but I still keep opting for black, white or grey pieces. Eeep!

  2. I love the yellow&black combo! To be honest, I haven't thought of nachos xD I guess you just have a wealthy imagination.
    Good luck on finding the password out, usually it's easier than it seems.

    Have a great start in the week,

  3. I love the colour of this top. Yellow is a colour that I don't really have much of in my wardrobe as it think it is hard to wear but you pull it off so well.

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