wearing: dress (old) c/o Beginning Boutique (similar here and here), beanie (back in stock!) from asos, boots from asos (similar here), wang clutch. Photos by Jessica for Fragments. Warning, all hashtags below are used ironically (or at least attempted)

I was shot by the talented Jessica (some may know her as sparrowly on instagram) for Fragments magazine, and the girl is so good with a camera that you can barely tell i’m melting- I can slightly recall a reminder to never wear a beanie in 30°+ weather again, despite the temptation (damn you lazy oaf). We were blessed with the best light for these pictures, and this dress is an old favorite i rarely get to wear so i thought it’d be a great excuse to bust it out of its year-long hibernation. Also, mental note that risking getting hit by taxis is totally worth shooting in the middle of the road, which i should attempt to do more often (cautiously, whilst stammering “tell me if there’s a car coming” and “is there a car behind me?”) And my hair is currently in that awkward not-short-but-not-long stage where i attempt to look as symmetrical as possible (or, in this case stuff it into my hat). I swear, with hair this length one length always curls in and one always curls out, making me appear windswept in a flustering and not very photo-worthy way. hashtag girl problems. hashtag no filter. 
oh and if you’d like to see me (pretend to…of course) be asleep whilst someone does my makeup and see some hashtag spoilers for the rest of the outfits check out this behind the scenes video, also shot by Jessica. hashtag cringey thumbnail. ok i’ll stop now. 

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