hey guys! i got bored the other day at home and made this really easy DIY. Let’s get started! You can use anything for this if you want to include your own pendants a thicker chain or even multiple chains, just be creative!

what you need: some chain, 2 studs, 2 coins, glue, and safety pins or ear ring backs
1. find coins that are the same size as your stud. I just used a 50 cent coin for mine. 
Next, measure your chain. It should reach the second button from the top on any shirt. Mine was around 21.5 cm long.
3. Take your glue and apply a good layer to the chain. Since i used contact adhesive, i left it for 5+ minutes for it to get tacky and then applied the chain. Then, add some glue to the edges.
4.After the glue around the edge gets tacky as well, put on the stud. It might take a little adjusting with the chain, but it should fix if you leave it for a while. Also, clean up any excess glue at the edge of the coin/stud. 
5. Use the glue to attach the earring backs to the back of the coin. You can trim it if it’s too long, but make sure you try it on your shirt first to see if the front is long enough to be attached to the back.
Aaaaand you’re done! pretty self-explanatory but it’s a nice DIY to do if you’re into making collar accessories like me! If any of you guys have questions or make your own and want to show me, remember to email me at !

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  1. Great idea! I'm always one got cool little projects! I'm a huge fan of your blog and I just started mine 3 months ago & still getting used to it, would love to be interviewed on your blog so please follow my blog at

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