wearing: top and skirt c/o Market HQ, backpack c/o Grafea, Nike shoes. Photos by Alisha.

There is more to life than being a sun-soaked high-top-wearing space skirt fairy but for now i’m pretty content with putting that as my new favorite pastime. There’s no better feeling than capturing that perfect moment (rarely present, usually around fall/transitioning into springtime) between sunset and daylight; but then again i need to get my priorities straight. My mom thinks that I am an exhibitionist because of my recent behavior in refusing to wear pants around the house (hey, it’s warming up) and wearing sheer tops like these that border on the trashy, especially in Hong Kong where even the slightly adventurous silhouettes grant one a multitude of stares. And she probably wouldn’t be too pleased either that I ‘borrowed’ her high tops for this outfit- she wears a size 37, with my size 39 feet let’s just say it’s a tight squeeze. But this recently acquired defiance might just be a result of being in that time period in the school year when i have exams ahead of me, but this fact has yet to hit me (tsunami like shock will ensue) so i’m currently still in holiday-mode, oblivious to anything that isn’t silver, shiny and pleated. 
Happy friday everyone! 

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  1. hello!

    I really like your blog and I think your outfits are all really fun and original.

    But I have a burning question. You always post such awesome photographs of yourself, how do you do it? Do you have someone else take your photos for you, or somehow have mad skills and take them yourself? I'm really curious, I hope you respond soon. Keep up the good work on the blog, I hope to see more interesting outfits. =D

    ~ Tina

  2. You've been Litt up!
    Zoe, my dear, these photos are absolutely phenomenal. Just like you, they're intriguing and happy, bright and full of lovely happiness that is absolutely brimming to the top!

    The lighting alone in these photos is enough to warrant endless amounts of rambling. Add to that your outfit and BAM, I'm left frantically digging through my mental recesses in search of sufficient language to describe such a sight.
    Put simply, I suppose, you look like a modern angel in these photos. Your halo is that circle of light above your head whereas your outfit is your white gown and your hightops provide you with the means to soar through the air (aka your wings). While see-through tops are all the rage right now and come across as slightly too scandalous in many instances (some girls should really leave more to the imagination…I think my eyes have been scarred permanently but that's a completely different topic), your sheer top comes across as fun and flirty. That metallic skirt is utter fabulousness and the white leather backpack merely contributes to the overall feeling of sheer light goodness. Of course, we can't forget about the kick (heehee) of cool that your hightops add. Nike hightops are just inherently cool. That can't be argued.

    While your outfit is what truly inspires such endless verbal diarrhea, it goes without saying that you are a stunner and you work this outfit like no one else can. So kudos to you for being divine darling! Keep up your angelic look <3

    Happy almost the weekend!


  3. i totally do the same at home aha although here in cali
    it is barely gettin hot :D
    awesome skirt though it is very very cute
    i have a gold one since i tend to wear gold more but
    i think i need to get a silver one too now !
    always enjoy your blog [:

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