wearing: Moto vest from Citizens of Humanity c/o Shopbop (here), camo top c/o Beginning Boutique (here), black skater skirt from Asos, sunglasses from Choies, Boots from Asos. 

Photos from yesterday, right before the rain hit Sheung Wan (which has now become my family’s new weekend hub). Attempted to seek refuge in a crowded bakery before hopping into the car and driving down a few streets before the sun came out approximately 5 minutes later and found a few cute shops where i took advantage of full length mirrors and ogled racks full of spring apparel. And yes, it was way too overcast for sunglasses but i figured it would be a while before the weather would take to being eye-wear worthy and even then it would be too hot to think about wearing anything in general (welcome to the Hong Kong summer phenomenon). 
Oh and starting from next month i’ve decided to make a video a month- a sort of video diary thing. I did this a while back but weekly, and i figured that it would be sort of entertaining for you guys to watch me die from exams. Thoughts?
P.S. heading back to Taiwan next week- this time most of the time will be spent in the mountains, sightseeing and only one night in Taipei. Just a heads up if you guys have any new recommendations (even though i’ve been 6 times in the past 3 years, there are always new places to see!)

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36 thoughts on “DAY TRIPPER

  1. Oh, I'm really excited about the videos. I think it's better one every month, than weekly. You'll have more material and you won't spend much time editing it ;)

    Have a nice week,

  2. This is such an effortlessly cool outfit. It is great for a day trip where you want to be comfortable but still look amazing.

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