wearing: tee from uniqlo, slit skirt from sheinside, cardigan from american apparel, shoes from converse

You guys know i love black and gold together, so this outfit was a given for me. Those of you who follow me on instagram (username: zosuen) would have seen this tee already as well as a few others. I went kind of crazy when i saw uniqlo had the men’s DC/Marvel shirts on sale for $70 each and bought two for myself and two for friends.  It’s typhoon season now and it took a while to get a good photo with me refraining to stick out the ‘jolie leg’ à la Angelina and the whole skirt blowing up but i managed. It made things even harder when i realized this random dude was creeping on my from the building behind mine. I glared at him for a good 5 minutes until he left only to reappear again, people can be so creepy.
Anyway, hope you guys are having a good holiday! I just got home from a nice dinner with friends and so far the holiday has been going great. I’ve been exercising pretty much everyday now, it feels so nice to do nothing except dance and yoga until i leave for the U.K. (you guys will know more about that later). Until then, stay tuned!

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