D is for dangerous

Self timer is a bit of a bitch. I shot these on my roof after months of ground level photos because everyone in my family was busy preparing a boxing-day dinner; I was in charge of the dip ( taken care of c/o Sriracha) so i had time and my tripod was my only choice, but i’m pretty happy with how the photos came out with my favourite lighting. I’ve never been a thigh-high boots kinda glob/girl (the line is v. blurred) but i think i may be now as they make me feel dangerous and spy-like. But also dangerous because i will probably break something of yours.  Plus, i’ve found out i get cool film camera effects on my photos now because there is so much dust on the filter of my camera lens. Score. 
Oh, and you can win this dress if you like it. All you have to do is click here! Good luck.

wearing: dress c/o DAHLIA, boots c/o CHOIES, coat c/o CHOIES, backpack from KARA. 

55 thoughts on “D is for dangerous

  1. Random question but what happened to the dress? I wanted to get the dress when the giveaway was held but it sold out on the website pretty soon to my dismay. :( I'd love to see this dress in action again it's just so pretty heh. :)

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