wearing: overalls c/o Market HQ,  top c/o ViparoPhotos by Natalie

Conclusion: sturdy denim overalls, (mostly) bare feet and sunny yellow leather tops make for the best rock-navigation gear. And i sound like such a sissy but this was important given the possible ‘127 hours’ situation we had on our hands. I was half scared i would fall and end up looking gollum-chic (or erase the ‘chic’) for the remainder of the shoot but also half excited at the new ‘Dora the explorer’ meets ‘rock-climber-i-never-was’ side of myself surfacing after a 16-year dormancy. And yes i would call it a dormancy instead of an absence (‘it’ being my inner-gollum) as it was always there but waiting for the appropriately sturdy yet large rocks to tempt a re-appearance. Since i’m starting to sound creepy (less smeagol, more gollum slash rock fetish) I’ll leave it at that, but geez this was a fun shoot. More photos to come!
P.S. The winners of my Nouveau ticket giveaway are Ashley Tang (gold) and Jessica Sin (silver)! You will be contacted by email shortly. And for those of you who entered but didn’t win, you can still reserve tickets through the facebook ticketing page here. Also, I’d love to meet any of you that come to the show next saturday (before and after the show, take some photobooth pictures etc.), so i hope i see you there!


  1. Dang from the time I started following your blog, you've improved a lot from every aspect!! Shoutout from another international student :)Keep up the good work, girl!

  2. This shoot is absolutely amazing! Such a creative idea! We all have to release out inner gollum sometimes hahaaa


  3. I love your new short hair! It suits you unbelievably well~ You look like the Chinese IU. haha.
    I just found your blog and I am in under just envy right now! I wish my blog was as great as yours! Definitely one of my favourites now ^^

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