wearing: jumper c/o romwe, skirt from zara, shoes from converse, bryant’s sunnies. Photos by Natalie.

This sweater is pink. And fluffy. And sheds more than my dog but that factor is totally disregarded because it makes me feel like a mohair-clad fairy (hence the awkward wannabe-fairy-wing arm movements circa image two and too much jumping). And then i decided to give you a glimpse into the behind the scenes glamour that is Bryant managing my suitcase and camera bags amongst others just so you can admire his oozing of cowboy-denim-bag lady vibes (in a good way). Of course, Natalie is behind the lens spewing glittery photography skill and being the talented thang she is. I feel like nowadays my vocabulary is limited to metaphors concerning cowboy-slang and preferably unnamed bodily functions (see latest inspo post). But anyway, hope you like the photos! 

50 thoughts on “CONTACT HIGH

  1. I love your simple style :) also that you look absolutely gorgeous without having to rely on lots of makeup! props, girl! I always respect that.

  2. the jumper reminds me of lana's one for her h&m shoot! looks perfect on you!
    and i totally love your messy hair, sexy!


  3. Wow, that sweater is stunning! I just want to stroke it through the computer screen (in the least creepy way possible…)

  4. I like the pink sweater you have on! I remember I used to have an angora cardigan, it was so soft, but the fluff literally stuck everywhere haha!

  5. ive been looking for a mohair cardigan quite like the one you're wearing now for forever! you look great.

  6. It's so fluffy I'm going to die!!
    That sweater. Can I touch it please? Seriously, it's such fluffy goodness right there!
    I think someone already said this but that sweater really does look like the Lana del Rey one for H&M. The oversized fit and ability to shed it just too fabulous.

    Your cotton candy sweet sweater pairs perfectly with that edgy leather zipper skirt and the classic tomboy Converse. I think your super curly, voluminous hair manages to compliment the look marvelously, adding to the sweetness of the sweater while also amping up the cool factor and heavy metal hair flippingness of these photos.
    Those glasses are pretty killer as well. Futuristic, slightly confusing, and definitely very edgy cool.
    Overall, just another awesome look from you Zoe.
    You have to teach me your amazing ways!! <3


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