Colder weeks

These photos were taken many weeks ago in Shoreditch, after a night of dancing and the subsequent (albeit insufficient) sleep in- hence the grumpy face. I don’t fare well in lower temperatures- though mind you, I’m a lot better than I was pre-uni thanks to Uniqlo heat tech thermals and the constant bright skies (ehem) that London has to offer. This explains why I look extra snuggly in a jacket I stole from Melody pre-night out which I insisted on hanging onto the next morning. Kind of weird how despite all being different heights and sizes, my friends and I always manage to fit into/ steal each others clothes…a sisterhood of the travelling pants situation. Am about to pack my things and head off to the airport with my mum, so the next time we speak I’ll be warm and sticky in the Hong Kong heat~~ 

Photos by Melody Tan
Wearing a jacket from Melody, vintage jeans, Modekungen knit, Converse and a KARA bag (small version). 

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