wearing: dress c/o Romwe, hat from NastyGal, necklace from Forever 21, collar from boutique, clutch from American Apparel, tights and shoes from ASOS. photos by Claudia <3

As i mentioned a few posts back, i’m obsessed with bright blue at the moment, despite spring being the time for pastels. The dress is a little short so i decided to wear my tights underneath since the weather in Hong Kong is still a little bipolar at the moment. It is getting warmer, so i’ll have to store my tights away and wear socks more often, which i don’t mind and in fact am also obsessed with.

I just got the great news that my mom has booked a cheap flight to Singapore at the end of the month since we have a few days off school. If any of you guys are from Singapore, be sure to leave me a message telling me good places for eating and shopping! it would be much appreciated ( :

anyway, i have quite a bit of work to do so i’ll talk to you all soon! Have a great day.

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  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 9:57 AM Reply

    you look pretty (:

  • Bernadeth

    11/04/2012 at 9:59 AM Reply

    i am in love with your tights! you are so pretty x

  • p▲ddi

    11/04/2012 at 10:04 AM Reply

    beautiful! I love the tights and the colour of your dress:) xo

  • Jeline

    11/04/2012 at 10:24 AM Reply

    Love your tights!!

  • Rachel Leung

    11/04/2012 at 10:35 AM Reply

    i love this outfit (:

  • Joana

    11/04/2012 at 10:55 AM Reply

    I love the cobalt blue and the lovely collar!

    xo Joana

  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 10:57 AM Reply

    ahh you are too pretty! much love <3

  • Bri

    11/04/2012 at 11:01 AM Reply

    Love this look!
    The collar and tights are such perfect additions.

  • Ngoc

    11/04/2012 at 11:27 AM Reply

    Your look is aboslutely lovely ♥

  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 11:43 AM Reply

    you are so fucking skinny :( but gorgeous too! ahh so jealous

  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 12:21 PM Reply

    dying to know where your collar is from!

  • Nikki

    11/04/2012 at 1:06 PM Reply

    Oh I just LOVE this colour, it's such a sweet outfit too! Xx

  • Mei めい

    11/04/2012 at 1:31 PM Reply

    cute outfit ! :)

  • V &amp; H Bloggers

    11/04/2012 at 2:54 PM Reply

    lovely as always :)

  • Jasmine

    11/04/2012 at 3:49 PM Reply

    awh, this is soo pretty!
    wish i can pull this out!

    xx jasmine

  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 3:52 PM Reply

    when you come to singapore, remember to visit OAKHAM MARKET at ang siang hill. (near chinatown) it has the most amazing buys! the cheap stuffs are at bugis street, and you def have to head to orchard, its just malls after malls after malls. but everything in HK is cheaper! :/ have fun though!! :)

    -singaporean :)

    PS: food is amazing everywhere!!!!! (everything is soooo yummyzzz)
    PPS: I've been to HK before, and i honestly think both our countries are quite similiar, besides the cantonese and 4 seasons part!

    have fun love!!! i <3

  • Kay

    11/04/2012 at 4:00 PM Reply

    LOVE your collar, but the dress kinda looks DIY'ed?

  • maychuaa

    11/04/2012 at 5:30 PM Reply

    Hellooo there (:

    I'm from Singapore & I jus recently started reading your blog (: you are really amazing. Anyway, the food here are really awesome! you need to check them out. As “Anonymous” mentioned, bugis is the place to find really cheap & nice stuff (: you can try far east plaza (which is in the orchard area to find blogshop outfits! If you are looking for shopping paradise for teens, somerset (in orchard) is the place to go. Because there you have forever21, H&M, New Look, Cotton On, Charles & Kieth (spore's v own shoe brand), diva & more.

    For food area, I think you should check out Newton (be careful tho, that place is known for their over-priced food for foreigners so do go with someone familiar with the price), if you are there you should really check out : chng tyng (a dessert, it's really delicious), satay, popiah (my favourite!!), stingray & kang kong (fried veggie). Dont try the hokkien mee at newton, it's really bad.

    If you want to know more about the food places, you shld check out :!

    I hope this information helps (:


  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 5:41 PM Reply

    Also find time to check out Haji Lane, a short distance away from above mentioned Bugis Street! Great for shopping (indie fashion stuff) and cool places to hang out! :),31489,1845806_1845592_1845707,00.html

  • Anonymous

    11/04/2012 at 6:17 PM Reply

    YES OAKHAM market!!!!

  • MuiMui

    11/04/2012 at 9:01 PM Reply

    Omg…you look so cute ;))

    I love your style !!

  • Tea Joeli

    11/04/2012 at 9:33 PM Reply

    Great blog:)
    Kisses from New York!

  • Rosachiara

    11/04/2012 at 9:42 PM Reply

    Super nice look!
    CONFETTURA ROSA- HandMade Clothing

  • Zoe

    11/04/2012 at 10:37 PM Reply

    thanks so much for writing this! noted ( :

  • Olive

    12/04/2012 at 3:15 AM Reply

    that collar looks amazing with your necklace! such a nice pairing!(:

  • Charlotte

    12/04/2012 at 3:52 AM Reply

    Wow you're coming to Singapore!!! I'm really excited for you hehe.

    Like the other 2 mentioned, Ann Siang Hill and Haji lane are really cool for quirky finds! Bugis Street is really packed on fridays and weekends but there are some really cheap buys there which I'm sure you will like :) Far East Plaza and Bugis Street sell a lot of the tights which you wear a lot! The higher levels at Far East Plaza (levels 2/3) are worth looking through; they have pretty interesting stuff. Orchard road is where all the shopping is- Topshop, Zara, New Look, F21 etc. Orchard Central is pretty quiet but there are some hidden gems! There are several Singaporean labels there like ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh and Reckless Ericka, but they are rather pricey. Holland Village is also great, there're several small shops and many nice cafes/ bars to chill in the evening.

    As for food, I suggest Chomp Chomp at Serangoon which is this huge hawker centre. The Hokkien Mee is good stuff! The Bukit Timah food centre also has good food! I love the fish soup there. You can check out (local food blogger) or!

    And if you ever need directions in Singapore, is your best friend

    Hope this helped! And really hope I get to see you around :)

  • Brenda

    12/04/2012 at 5:59 AM Reply

    Hi Zoe! We have lots of good food Singapore but be sure you try our chilli crab!!! :)

  • rental mobil

    12/04/2012 at 6:53 AM Reply

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • Etaduran

    12/04/2012 at 7:27 AM Reply

    love the collar!! =) you look beautiful.


  • Anonymous

    12/04/2012 at 9:20 AM Reply


  • Ng Hui Jun

    12/04/2012 at 10:43 AM Reply

    YOU HAVE TO TRY SATAY!! It's like my favourite food (:
    Try Nasi Lemak, and chili crab?? :D
    Maybe more of malay and indian food.. Prata? :D

  • Grace

    12/04/2012 at 12:01 PM Reply

    Do check out Bali Lane/Arab Street. There's a small street there with local boutiques. You'd surely be able to find some cool dresses and tops. Fabrics are also sold in Arab Street. Cloth ranges from cotton at around SGD$2/m. Other materials like velvet and chiffon are also sold there. Going there on a weekday in the afternoon would be best as most of the shops would be open.

  • maya

    12/04/2012 at 12:21 PM Reply

    Hello !! I'm from Singapore. Yup in accordance with the comment above, i think you definitely will enjoy Arab Street. beside Arab Street is Haji Lane, where there are some lovely independent clothing boutiques as well. Ann Siang Hill is a bit of a bore but there is ONE vintage shop called Oakham Market with lots and lots of quirky finds ranging from really cheap prices to unbelievably high ones! Something you'd probably enjoy! Here is Oakham market's website from which you can access their facebook group with lots of pictures it all looks rather crummy but it's definitely exciting!

    as for food, the best place to go would probably be Dempsey Hill. It's a whole area chock a block full of restaurants! cafes, bars, casual restaurants, expensive restaurants, “cool” cafes etc ! I would probably recoment P.S. Cafe if you are with your mother, i am ABSOLUTELY sure you will both enjoy it. it's gots lots of greenery surrounding it and a lovely menu (not cheap though) here is their website in case you are interested, the one at Dempsey Hill is the Harding outlet .. Here is the website of Dempsey Hill, with a full list of all the restaurants! Definitely not a place to miss! :-)

    x have fun

  • Alissa Hew

    12/04/2012 at 3:16 PM Reply

    Hey! I'm from Singapore, for authentic Singaporean food, you should try the hawker fare. One popular one with tourists is at Glutton's Bay at the Esplanade, but I'd recommend going to Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown. As for shopping, a great spot for interesting, unique, one of a kind pieces can be found at Haji Lane. If you're up for a good bargain, you should check out Bugis Street, since it's near Haji Lane anyway. I'd recommend these 2 places over the usual Orchard shopping belt because it'll give you a pretty unique taste of Singapore. If you want more information about Singapore, email me at! I'll be heading to Hong Kong in a week or so to shop and eat so it'll be great if you can provide me with some info as well!
    love your blog by the way!

  • effortlesscool

    13/04/2012 at 5:07 PM Reply

    this look is adorableeee! perfection form the dress, collar, and tights!

    XO Sahra

  • Sara

    14/04/2012 at 6:46 AM Reply

    1)Far east plaza
    2)bugis street
    3)haji/bali lane(not that cheap but really nice place to visit)
    4)SCAPE ground floor and 4th floor every fri/sat/sun for FLEA MARKETS!!!!!!!



  • Sara

    14/04/2012 at 6:49 AM Reply

    OH YES!! OAKHAM MARKET IS A MUST GO its at 7 ann siang hill b1-01!! :)

  • RAW Fashion Magazine

    14/04/2012 at 10:26 PM Reply

    Love love this outfit the tights are so cute

  • AngelaGiselle ♥

    15/04/2012 at 7:50 PM Reply

    I'm a new reader of your blog. :)

    I thought I should suggest some places you can visit while you're here.

    1. East Coast Park – You guys can rent bicycles and cycle along the coast or Rollerblades. There are some water sports around as well. There is also one hawker centre like Chomp Chomp and Newton. Sambal Stingray, Satay, Popiah, Hokkien Mee are must-trys!

    2. Lau Pa Sat (Near Raffles Place) – After around 6 or 7 they seal off a section of road and set up Satay stalls (BBQ Stores actually). I like store 3 personally, nice food and really good service. You can ask to sit at the non-smoking area if you and your family mind the smoke around. :) The BBQ prawns are really AWESOME! Though a little pricey.

    3. Jurong Bird Park. I think it's the only bird park in Asia or the largest bird park in Asia (I'm not too sure). But there's the tallest man-made waterfall in Asia! Great place to take photo!

    I hope you have fun in Singapore! Blog about your trip here too! <3

  • Anonymous

    18/04/2012 at 4:55 AM Reply

    I love your collar!! & Like the recommendations above, Haji Lane, Oakham Market & ECP are places you must go! :)

    Eat a lot here too!!


  • Fenny

    06/07/2012 at 4:51 AM Reply

    love your stocking :)

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