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Movies i love and/or find inspiring at the moment. Can you recognize all of them?
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16 thoughts on “CLUELESS & OTHERS

  1. 4. princess diaries 2001 with old school anne hathaway!
    5. x-men:origins 2011 (that grey peacoat is so cute :))
    6. devil wears prada 2006(meryl streep looking damn fine, but scary ice queen)
    7. damn the last one is so incredibly familiar…put i can't put my finger on it :(

  2. 1. Clueless
    2. Clueless again!
    3. ha not sure :D
    4. Princess Diaries
    5. X MEN!
    6. Devil Wears Prada
    7. Is that Chole Moretz? maybe!

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