wearing: old button up, zara skort, MarketHQ wire knit (around waist), boots from asos (similar here), wang clutch. Photos by Jessica for Fragments

Everyone and their mom has this skort, but that isn’t (really) stopping me from wearing it every other day- notice my attempt to rejuvenate it with the ‘sweater-tied-around-the-waist-which-doesn’t-really-do-much”. Other than occasionally slide down my hips and having me re-tie the double knot, but sometimes people do strange things too add oomph to an outfit (note jacket on shoulders…guilty). Even though we’ve been cursed with horrible (wet, humid, cold and then sometimes not) weather, I’m counting down the days until i hop on a plane for tokyo. T-minus 5 days to go! 

41 thoughts on “CHECK IT

  1. How did you manage to summon a double rainbow? :o ha ha!
    Great outfit Zoe, and wow I hope you have lots of fun in Japan! I can't wait to see photos from you trip.

  2. love this outfit ! haha, that skort really is everywhere
    that last photo is super cool too – rainbow <3

  3. I've tried to get that zara short white ver. in your blog before, but it was not for me T_T
    But it's really cute for you ^^
    I like your Black cody style!

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