wearing: vintage dress and flannel shirt, beanie from asos. Photos by Natalie.

I literally live in my beanie and flannel shirt in the fall time (no…seriously). It’s been a pseudo-blogger-fantasy for me to shoot an outfit with a glass coke bottle-so no, this post is not an ad for coca cola- but nothing beats climbing onto a construction vehicle when no one was watching to snap a few shots (i take pleasure that it’s one of the more bad-ass things i’ve done). 

28 thoughts on “CHASE US AROUND.

  1. This outfit!
    I know you posted these photos over a week ago but I love them so much that I just can't help but comment.
    Where do I even begin?
    Perhaps, I can start by saying that you are such a major badass on that construction crane. Seriously, how cool can you get? :)
    Then, there's the idea of posting with the Coke bottle. Strangely enough, there is something so enchanting about a glass bottle of icy cold Coke in your hands while taking photos. I think it's the nostalgia that accompanies the bottle, the connection to “the good old days” that makes the bottle so fascinating. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. Whatever the case may be, I definitely want some photos with a Coke bottle after seeing these images of yours! You should definitely submit them to Coca Cola for an ad. They're so adorable and fun.
    Now onto that outfit. That lace dress is just so uggggghhhhh lust-worthy and pairs so marvelously with the beanie and the flannel. There's a sweet 90's grunge vibe to the look that's so delightful and amazing. Yet again, you've inspired me with your combinations, Zoe!

    Time to go dig through my closet for some lookalike pieces…and maybe then downstairs for a bottle of Coke? :)
    Hope you're having a gorgeous week! <3


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