Taipei Film Photo Diary

Just got back from a trip to Taipei with friends. Will get around to editing my videos but in the meantime here are the snaps I got whilst testing out my new Minolta x-500 with Kodak ISO 400 film. Taipei will always have a special place in my heart because of the comfort I feel in the midst of its kind people, beautiful city greenery and huge bookstores. Oh, and dumplings; can’t forget the dumplings. I know I’ve been bad at posting lately but I have some things lined up that I’m excited to show you all…keep your eyes peeled. 
Despite how late we woke and left our cosy airbnb, we always made an effort to have breakfast. This usually involved noodles and a group favourite, 滷肉飯.
It just so happened that my parents and sister were in Taipei for a short duration of my trip, so I hung out a bit at their hotel. 

One of my favourite things about Taipei are the trees along 敦化南路.

We spent a morning at the MOCA- Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art. 

 A good afternoon pick-me-up: hot soy bean milk and 炸油條.

Shopping and snapping in the trendy back streets of 東區.

Shot on a Minolta x-500 film camera with Kodak 35mm ISO 400 film.

The following photos were snapped  by my friend Natalie on her Olympus Superzoom 105R.


Tokyo Video Diary

I took forever to edit this but I can attribute the delay solely to the fact that I couldn’t find the perfect music for my footage, to which my friend Cheryl (who has talent running through her veins like most people have blood) came to the rescue and made the perfect track for me. So, if your ears are hungry anytime soon feel free to give her tunes a listen, they’re really nice. Re-editing these clips made me long to travel again; and what perfect timing as I’ll be visiting Bangkok and Taipei this summer; feel free to hit me up with recommendations (off the beaten path as I have been to both before) and I will send you a virtual hug. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the video. Happy weekend!

Filmed on a Fujifilm x-pro 1 and edited on Final Cut Pro. 


Shadow Play

Here are the rest of the photos from Amsterdam, in my new favourite top and vintage Levi’s that I found whilst rummaging in a market in Amsterdam that day. Really digging how the photos came out with the shadows and all and can’t wait to post the video footage I shot during the trip. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with jewellery but these ear cuffs are just dainty enough for my liking; hence, the perfect accessory to my default jeans and top combo. Except I’m home in Hong Kong for the summer and clothes in general are a socially necessary but physically repellant non-option in this humidity…cue thunderstorm. P.S. Any theme requests for the next playlist? 

I’m wearing: 
Top by J.H. ZANE
Shoes by Anne Thomas
Vintage Levi’s jeans
Ear cuffs from THPSHOP
Photos by my dad in our Amsterdam Airbnb
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No Frills

There are only a few non-food/beverage related things I like better than shooting at home or in a studio, where you don’t have to worry too much about light, or getting your stuff stolen, or getting hired last-minute as a pigeon’s human toilet (the list goes on). Of course, its even better when said location is your own airbnb where you can retreat after a long day of museum-going in Amsterdam, and you are wearing great clothes by a talented young designer. Case in point, our ‘Dutch Design Loft‘ in central Amsterdam, and garments by J.H. Zane...and to top it off, photos by my dad. I fell in love with Zane’s attention to detail and unique construction…definitely one to look out for. This is one out of two posts where I’ll be featuring the above combination and I am so excited to show you the rest! Hope you like the photos.

I’m wearing: 
Shirt and Culottes by J.H. ZANE
Shoes by Anne Thomas
Photos by my dad in our Amsterdam Airbnb
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Brighton Flashback

With the (very much welcome) end of exam period comes frequent moments of confusion as to the stress you feel even though you have absolutely, gloriously nothing to do. A kind of ritualised stress-imposing mechanism is still at work in my brain and whilst I finally got around to uploading this Brighton video (encountered some technical hiccups back when I meant to in March) it was nice to break out of my library-ridden daily routine and look back on a very platonic, but so much more memorable Valentines Day we spent in Brighton. Chai on the pier, bubbles and birds at sunset, very scary (no, really.) ‘roller coaster’ rides and the best lobster linguine you’ll get for the price. As my school year ends I can safely say that these people in the following photos/video have added so much to my life in London, respectively and in their own special way. Hope you enjoy this flashback as much as I did! Sometimes, inefficient blogging can have its perks hey?

Photos by Bryant Lee and me (iPhone). Video taken on a Fujifilm xpro 1.