LA Film Diary

In my defence, its only been a month. But considering London’s recent affinity for torrential rains and the lack of vitamin C/ cold pressed juice on this side of the Atlantic, it feels like its been ages since I visited L.A. for the first time. Was too consumed with reliving the best week ever through my photos to realise I never showed them to you; so here are some memories via 35mm film and driving music…a.k.a How To Have the Best Week Ever, according to me.  
1. Book a cute airbnb with a dog (!) 
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2. Drive everywhere…(but do you really have a choice?) and take a lot of photos of palm trees because LA is contagious. 

3. Including driving to a hike with friends and realising that something about juice and eating lots of kale makes LA locals very good at hiking, and also that you are very unfit.

 4. Go to the museum (we chose The Broad, and its not pronounced how you think). 

5. And of course, go to the beach. (Top / AA shorts / Celine sunnies)

6. And play mini golf…
7. Pass out from jet lag…
8. Before your boyfriend drags you out to get tacos at midnight, which is always a good idea. 

9. Meet up with old friends and new…meet Natalie, Steph and Rachel

…And Dylan and Bo.
10. Oh, and this is Ran… he’s kind of the best.

*heart eyes*

Thank you for making this trip the best thing ever, happy 6 months. 
Hope you guys liked the photos.

Taipei Video Diary

I’m starting to think that posting videos way overdue has become a habit for me simply because I’m never fully happy with them and just force myself to post them regardless (it’s been four months). There’s a fair amount of pressure when documenting your travels to do the city justice; especially when its one of your personal favourites. Editing a few months later always has its perks; it reignites all the warm fuzzy feelings and food babies and reminds you that in every travel video diary you do, you always manage to get the same kind of shots- I’ve got to try and film something other than profiles in cars. Dedicated to my travel companions and especially the one who couldn’t make it because immigration is an asshole.

Fall in Love

Paris is so often associated with romance that when I was asked to style H&M’s new Fall in Love collection I figured it would only be purely illogical to shoot the pieces anywhere else. Despite visiting the city twice before it was so refreshing to see it in the Fall with my best friend; my mum who is also my favourite travel/selfie companion. Nothing beats a day of mother-daughter bonding over shopping and eating with plenty of espresso breaks in between. Though we only had one full day in the city it was the perfect pre-term getaway full of shopping, good wine and copious amounts of amazing bread. Trips like these make me realise that our mother-daughter friendship is something very rare and worthy of more travel getaways. 
Oh, and you can win a 50 voucher H&M voucher by sharing your own #HMFallInLove story on Twitter and Instagram, by tagging either @HMUnitedKingdom on twitter or @HM on Instagram and using the hashtag @HMFallInLove; winners will be chosen on October 12th (just sayin’….free clothes)

Top and Coat from H&M’s Fall In Love Collection
Photos taken on an Olympus superzoom 105R.

Taipei by night

I know this is so long overdue…I still have a ton of content from Taipei to share so this will be the first instalment of many. As much as I enjoy capturing natural light the ambience and colours of cities at night will always be my favourite. Cheers to my friends for being my modelling guinea pigs Hope you all are enjoying the first bits of fall. 

Taken on a Fujifilm X Pro 1.

Amsterdam Video Diary

In May, my parents and I made a short trip to Amsterdam before we flew back to Hong Kong from London. It feels like this trip was forever ago so I thought it was about time I got off my butt and posted another video. This has been the first week of my summer internship so that should explain why I’ve been less active. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video, Amsterdam is a beautiful city and if you visit make sure you visit the museums (Rijks and Van Gogh are a good place to start), second hand markets and amazing restaurants (Seafood Bar and Envy to name a few places to treat yourself.) Have a good weekend, got some exciting posts lined up so I can’t wait to show you :-)

Taken with a Fujifilm x-pro 1, edited on Final Cut Pro.