Marseille Film + Address Book

Hope you guys are having a sweaty, salty summer (or if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, are sipping a big mug of tea). I’m home in balmy Hong Kong until mid-August, but am here to check in with some bits from a recent trip. Audrey visited me in London last month, and we decided to take a trip to Marseille and Aix en Provence (more on the latter later). Marseille has a bit of a bad reputation– upon telling friends we were visiting as a (pretty timid looking) pair of Asian girls, we got a few concerned warnings. If you’re a smart enough traveller, there isn’t anything to worry about. Don’t expect it to be anything like other French cities– albeit unembellished and grittier than Paris or Nice, its a melting pot of cultures with a side of seaside laziness that made our trip very special. Here are some photos from our days in Marseille, which sandwiched a few nights in Aix, and some of our favourite addresses to eat, shop, sightsee, eat, and eat.

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Photos I Took Recently

Hello, this is exciting (for me at least). I haven’t written a new post in so long and I’ve accumulated quite a few film photos in my ‘to post’ folder, so here are a few of them from December- a BW roll and some from my trip to Tokyo.



Italian Summer Part Three: Naples, Tivoli and Rome

Below, you’ll find the belated but final instalment of my summer film diaries. I wish I took more photos in Naples, Tivoli and Rome (I exhausted most of the film I brought with me in the South) but looking back at these still did the job of making me crave a good plate of pasta and an espresso to follow.


Italian Summer Part Two: The Amalfi Coast

I am well aware that the Amalfi Coast needs zero introduction, by virtue of the views and birds-eye pasta spreads that have almost certainly been dominating your Instagram feed (if your ‘following’ list resembles mine in any manner). After a, frankly, anxiety-maxing drive to our Airbnb in Ravello (click here for some money off your first stay if you’re planning your next getaway), we were rewarded over the following couple of days with the best spaghetti vongole of our lives, a caprese salad overdose and postcard worthy townscapes that my photos below, nor even Emily Ratajkowski’s vacation photos cannot fully do justice (it is really that beautiful over there).