Warmer Days

There’s a special kind of post-vacation depression syndrome you experience when you fly from LAX to London Heathrow and am greeted by the foggiest day of the year upon arrival. In an (albeit weak) attempt to regain some pre-winter mojo here are some photos i shot over the summer (which i have been sprinkling onto my IG feed occasionally) with appropriately named film photography connoisseur  Ocean in Hong Kong. We had a little adventure around Lamma Island, from splashing around at the beach to treating ourselves with my favourite cold tofu pudding (豆腐花). Meanwhile in real time, I’m stressed out and resorting to consoling myself with Christmas market plans and carbs;  speaking of stress, I will be posting my study-oriented post soon and if you have any last minute questions you can let me know on tumblr. Hope these photos ease you into some weather optimism before I bombard this space with LA shots…brace yourselves.

I’m wearing a J.H. Zane top and Fifth the Label culottes via BNKR
Photography by Ocean Wong.

Calm before the storm

Now that I’ve (kind of) caught up with settling down in London I can finally post more photos from the summer. Here are some shots Bry and I took at that highly-instagrammed swimming shed in Sai Wan, pre-storm (excuse the lack of a better post title; post-Intellectual Property Law lecture me is not feeling very creative). Wearing one of my favourite designers and casually holding a bowl of fish. Sending calming water vibes to your stressed-out mid-week brains. Thinking of doing a study tips/playlist post in the near future to soothe half-term agitations…thoughts? Leave a comment if there’s anything in particular that you’d like addressed. 

Top and Culottes by J.H.ZANE
Photography by Bryant Lee

The Perfect Jeans

I vaguely remember my first ever pair of jeans (sans toddler overalls; here I mean real big girl denim jean jeans): they were low-waisted, boot cut and had some form of haphazard embellishment on the back pockets…no regrets. Now more than a decade later I can only say that denim has exponentially become a staple in my wardrobe and something that I can no long put an outfit together without. I harbour no doubt that in due course I’ll be sitting in a hall introducing myself along the likes of “Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m a denim addict” (cue sympathetic reply “Hi, Zoe”). 
This explains why I was pretty keen (to say the least) when I got the chance to style the new Lot 700 collection by Levis. Over the course of four days I wore four pairs of Lot 700 jeans (a.k.a the perfect excuse to wear nothing other than denim). I get a lot of questions about what I wear when I don’t feel like dressing up, especially when I’m going to uni (if you’re wearing uncomfortable jeans a two hour lecture can feel like eons). I hope this post answers said questions as I have no complaints; these jeans are flattering, lecture and food-baby friendly, and comfortable to the point where my mum has stolen a pair from me for herself (a first). I don’t blame her; aside from being really comfortable these are the only jeans that make me look like I kind of have a butt. The 721 High Rise Skinny and 711 Skinny styles feel like a second skin and I fell in love with the underrated 715 Boot Cut and 712 Slim (the lovechild of Skinny and Straight) and now I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on the 714 Straight/ 710 Super Skinny styles. 
P.S. If you’re a denim fan like myself you can enter to win a photoshoot with, and styled by yours truly, in head to toe Levis that you’ll be able to take home plus professional hair + makeup for the Levis Lot 700 exhibition. To enter, simply comment on my instagram photo / retweet my tweet and tell me your favourite Lot 700 style. Terms and Conditions will be linked here ASAP.

All clothing from Levis Lot 700 collection
First outfit: Denim shirt / Jeans
Second outfit: Button up / Jeans
Third outfit: Denim Jacket / Long Sleeve Top / Jeans
Fourth outfit: Button up / Jeans 
Photos taken on an Olympus super zoom 105R film camera. 

Fall in Love

Paris is so often associated with romance that when I was asked to style H&M’s new Fall in Love collection I figured it would only be purely illogical to shoot the pieces anywhere else. Despite visiting the city twice before it was so refreshing to see it in the Fall with my best friend; my mum who is also my favourite travel/selfie companion. Nothing beats a day of mother-daughter bonding over shopping and eating with plenty of espresso breaks in between. Though we only had one full day in the city it was the perfect pre-term getaway full of shopping, good wine and copious amounts of amazing bread. Trips like these make me realise that our mother-daughter friendship is something very rare and worthy of more travel getaways. 
Oh, and you can win a 50 voucher H&M voucher by sharing your own #HMFallInLove story on Twitter and Instagram, by tagging either @HMUnitedKingdom on twitter or @HM on Instagram and using the hashtag @HMFallInLove; winners will be chosen on October 12th (just sayin’….free clothes)

Top and Coat from H&M’s Fall In Love Collection
Photos taken on an Olympus superzoom 105R.

With Flowers and Noodles

One of the above, or both. In consecutive order. I’ve always been slightly skeptical of people who just happen to be holding a bouquet, clad in a nonchalant mishmash of stripes, denim, and some form of suede or leather, caught mid-errand and mid-stroll. Hence I can safely assure you that in my own case, this picture only happens when your gay-husband comma photography babe buys said flowers a day in advance…and you’re in a good enough mood after a good meal involving noodles and fried rice. Sheung wan is one of those areas in Hong Kong that has been heavily geotagged for its plethora of coffee bars and boutiques, however my favourite Sheung Wan spots are the local eats; I get a lot of requests to recommend my favourite restaurants in the city so I thought this would be a good place to start. Read until the end of the post to find out about my two favourite local eats in Sheung Wan.


Top from J.H.Zane
Cos Sandals 
Photography by Bryant Lee.