Chanel AW 2016-17

The lace; the boots and the sequins…oh, and the hats(!) My first Chanel show was nothing short of utilitarian princess magic, and by magic I mean multitasking between shooting on film, boomerang-ing on my iPhone, and snapchatting Gigi to my sister. This juggling activity is warranted (and attempted by most) when the Grand Palais show’s theme this year is Front Row Only; meaning that you can see everything in all its pearly, tweedy puffy-jacketed glory, up close and salon-style personal. I have to explain myself as I originally intended on making this a gif-heavy post with bits I took on my phone, but an incident involving water and my phone (I have lost all faith in the rice method) has made that impossible. Meaning I only have the photos below (and two lonely gifs I did post on Instagram) to share, but you won’t have much difficulty in finding photos online of the lace numbers I loved and drowned. Thank you Olga and the rest of the Chanel team for having me in Paris, and I can’t wait to show you the photos Ran and I took whilst we were there. 

I’m wearing a dress by Cecilie Copenhagen, boots by Dear Frances and a Chanel bag. 

I Always Want More…

Here’s to coffee…for being there for me even when I’m my crankiest (circa first year of uni’s daily 9am lectures) and least enthused. Needless to say, when I was asked to make my choice for Swatch‘s phrase ‘I always Want More ___’ for their campaign as this season’s London Fashion Week partner, there were no hesitations. So, it was only appropriate for me to shoot mid-wake up, and in clothes that might as well be a duvet (the shoes are surprisingly cushy). I don’t even know how some people manage to do fashion week in a full circuit and still stay awake for photos/ make it in time for early shows, but I don’t doubt that caffeine and a good watch  have something to do with it. For me, I’ll take a black americano (thanks to Department of Coffee and Social Affairs) and this manly Swatch number any day (also on rotation; this simple black one which is becoming a fast favourite for easy accessorising, and this one for a cute pop of red against an otherwise predictably black wardrobe).

Asos Coat
Asos culottes
Swatch Mire Noire watch
Swatch Mono Black watch
Swatch Dra Cool watch
Photos by Natalie Wong
Have a lovely week,


Nothing quite like a painting session to create the illusion that you are being productive pre-2016, especially whilst you can still feel the cumulative food babies leftover from Christmas festivities. I have always had an irrational fear of white jeans (and not purely to avoid menstrual paranoia) but this pair of culottes hits the spot without having me succumb to the skinny jean variation; I’m still more comfortable with higher waists and awkward lengths. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m home for the holidays and am quite occupied with doing nothing. I know I’ve been absent here lately but I hope you all have been having a lovely Christmas and wish you an early Happy New Year; here’s to stepping out of our comfort zones (and by comfort zones I mean black skinny jeans).


Top from Uniqlo
Photos by Melody


Studio Sessions: In Navy

Don’t be misled; I’m not about to record a cool EP or anything, I just happened to be wearing a lot of navy in a photo studio. Oh, and I’m selling some old/ not so old clothes tomorrow from 11am-5pm at Stephen House 1b, Darnley Road, e9 London so come by and chill ~

DRESS The Fifth Label c/o FSHNBNKR
JACKET American Apparel
SNEAKERS New Balance / Hypebeast
PHOTOS Weronika

 Happy Friday!


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Vintage Jeans

Photos by Weronika.