Calm before the storm

Now that I’ve (kind of) caught up with settling down in London I can finally post more photos from the summer. Here are some shots Bry and I took at that highly-instagrammed swimming shed in Sai Wan, pre-storm (excuse the lack of a better post title; post-Intellectual Property Law lecture me is not feeling very creative). Wearing one of my favourite designers and casually holding a bowl of fish. Sending calming water vibes to your stressed-out mid-week brains. Thinking of doing a study tips/playlist post in the near future to soothe half-term agitations…thoughts? Leave a comment if there’s anything in particular that you’d like addressed. 

Top and Culottes by J.H.ZANE
Photography by Bryant Lee

47 thoughts on “Calm before the storm

  1. Hi zoe! Big hugs from jakarta! I'd really like your playlist because everytrack just click me on to keep me work and feel chilled.

    Anywayyy for the next post pls tell us your way to deals with procrastination heck that was typical problem for all student but i can't get over of it. Anddb do you ever feel like tired even you haven't been doing anything in study? How you overcome it?

  2. Hi Zoe! I'm super curious as to how you manage your time with blogging and being a student at the same time! How do you balance and make time for all your creative pursuits and outlets? I also see that you travel pretty frequently too. I can never manage to do all of that when I'm in school. Would love your advice on this! :)

  3. beautiful photos Zoe, you look incredible. Always have the best aesthetics, it keeps me looking forward to new blog posts.
    A studying playlist would be awesome, uni has me stressed 24/7 it be great to have something new to listen to.


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