1. Trespassing (at one point i tried standing on one of the poles and this became quite literal). 2. Developing a (for once) healthy obsession with muesli and yoghurt. 3. TV marathons with my two siblings (i consider both human). 
4. Mexican food (and ponderings about why ‘food’ does not rhyme with ‘good’). 5. Cosmogirl indonesia, i can’t read indonesian but continued with my impetus stemming from japanese magazines- pictures only. 6. First art piece for school’s ‘mechanics’ unit= spending allowance on safety pins. 
7. Causing mischief in the drinks section of 7-11 (sounds more badass than it was…note the drink). 8. confetti and light at my shoot for Nouveau (more will be shared). 9. Star street with my momma. 
10. Kisses cupcakes- could have eaten the whole batch but… 11. “Rumi sat there!……or there…or there?” 12. Yoghurt again.
13. kaleidoscopic awesomeness 14. LB boardgame giveaway- Bobby won! 15. On my way to meet the folks from Reward Style, necklace from Market HQ. 

Took a cue from blogger sensei and mutual LoTR fan Alyssa and actually annotated the photos this time around. Follow me on instagram if you’d like to see more (@zosuen). March was super busy, with a few calm moments in between student responsibilities and blogging ones- usually spent eating too much yoghurt.

 A few weeks ago I went out for pizza with a few friends and had Carol film me for a bit as we hung out around Wanchai before a second dinner (unhealthy habit take two). Despite the name of the video, it was really only eight thirty, so i took it to myself to get very excited about Lemon Tea.

wearing: jeans from motel rocks, necklace from market HQ


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