Bye Bye Layers

I’m back in London and it’s finally that time of the year again where you can actually enjoy being outdoors because you can feel your fingers and don’t mutter ‘shit’ every time you leave your building because its very cold but you’re too lazy to go back up and grab your coat. Which also makes it iced coffee season and simultaneously: me, a very happy girl. And despite all that fuss here is a post I should have posted ages ago, wearing clothing that was weather appropriate in January. I’m quite sure it’ll only be a matter of days before I begin missing layers and textures, which in the context of summer are only synonymous with lighter haircuts and forgetting to shave your legs. In any case these photos can just serve as a reminder for next fall: that winter can be alright when you have a blue hairy monster of a coat to look grumpy in. 

I’m wearing an Asos Coat (similar), Asos Jeans, & Other Stores cardigan, Missguided boots and a Vintage Shirt. 
Photos by Bryant Lee


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