Blue ocean floor

wearing: sheinside leather jacket, Christopher Kane dress via. Joyce, zara heels w/ socks. Photos by my dad. 
I’m kind of favorite-phobic; attributes include hesitance to list things in order of importance and hatred of questions concerning favorite food. But that being said, Christopher Kane is consistently a favorite designer of mine and it was crazy wearing one of his beautiful dresses. Of course you can imagine the extreme paranoia that accompanies extremely luxurious clothes, especially those that don’t actually don’t belong to you (see? denial gets better once you return the said item)- imagine the horrors of drink stains, broken mesh, a messed up zipper. But i was willing to shoot these anyway because i’m not really sure when’s the next time i’m going to have the chance to wear a dress by Kane…and it’s, like, so pretty…right?
And i should probably mention that this look was meant for the Joyce styling competition….which ended yesterday. I swear i’m punctual to most things.

Love you all,

42 thoughts on “Blue ocean floor

  1. pretty understandable you're afraid to damage the lent dress, but i was hoping for various pose rather than arm crossing. maybe showing the back or flare the skirt a bit. ack, it's just me, bbcakes. no worries. gorgeous dress and lovely styling as always. love how you pair it with leather jacket!

  2. Love the cobalt blue dress!! And of course, you manage to dress down a fancy dress in a cool and effortless way.

  3. Wow! This outfit really made my day! One of the best I've ever seen on your adorable blog! This is perfection xx

    Linnae from

  4. Great post Zoe, I love this outfit and you look so cute in these pictures!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  5. Wahhh, the leather jacket, I know i should be focusing on the dress but i just couldnt take my eyes out off that leather jacket. x totally rock this outfit!

    love always,

  6. you look beautiful in that dress! it's not something I imagined you would ever wear but you styled it so well~
    I love the mesh of the dress. It's indeed absolutely lovely <3 I think mesh is becoming my favourite material.

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